CANCELLED- Incense Making Class Dec 11th 7-9pm with John Goforth - Herbs, Resins, Oils, and Ground Stones


Come learn how to make loose incense with John Goforth (AKA The Stone Cipher)  out of herbs, resins, oils, and ground stones. 

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Learn the properties of each, and how to combine and create a unique blend for the intended incense use.

Each attendee must bring a small container to take approximately 1/4 cup of loose incense home.

Preregister for $75 or pay $95 upon arrival. -Supplies need to be collected and provided so please RSVP so John can prepare. Payments and RSVP can be made below.

*John has worked with crystals and the intuitive arts for over 25 years. He has studied with Hannath, who was part of an elite group of women called the Dames, Josephine Eloise Fisher who comes from a long line of Gypsies, and Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir who is a trained Master Herbalist in the Scottish tradition.

John also teaches the following classes: Self-Divination, Talismans, Children's Workshop, Wands and Staffs, Oregon Crystals (collect your own), Crystal Journeys, Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Crystal and Stone work.

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