Mental Dissolution - Meditation Class SAT OCT 22

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$10 PRE-SALE OR $12 AT THE DOOR (Maximum 12 people the class)

Reformulate and expand your concept of meditation... If you already have a practice, liven it up with forward-thinking, psychoanalytical discourse combined with historical, cultural awareness from ancient India. Our idea of meditation is often limited in American culture. The subtle nuances and poetic flourishes of this ancient art will be fully translated and elaborated upon, bringing you to a place of deeper understanding, greater clarity along with the experience of practical, tangible results. There will be discussion along with dissection of mind space in the beginning leading to group silent meditation to put into practice what was previously discussed. No dogma, no pressure, no tests, no homework, with tinges of psychology, theology, and philosophy thrown in. Learn some Sanskrit, learn some history and learn more about yourself. Meditation, at it’s core, is about getting to know who you are as you are and coming into the presence of the unlimited you, the eternal essence. It’s about seeing yourself and the world in a new way. To move beyond our limited experience to oneness of mind, body, heart and soul through self-inquiry, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. My life has been one of intense spiritual learning. After a lifetime of various direct spiritual experiences, sitting with multiple teachers and extensively studying Indian culture, it’s my pleasure to share the reverent passion and grace with you. 

About Ahia: 

Ahia is a born psychic, energy healer and has had many spiritual experiences since a young age. She has studied Sanskrit and meditation in depth.

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