Rattle Making Workshop - Dec 3 + 6 th, 2016

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Make Your Own Rawhide Rattle Workshop
*(tickets must be pre-sold and you must attend both classes, as they need to dry between days. The cost covers materials and time of the instructor and space for both days) **10 people maximum

Saturday Dec 3rd 6:00 - 7:30 PM (may end up being a little longer)
Tuesday Dec 6th 6:00 - 7:30 PM (may end up being a little longer on this day too)

$30 for time
$20 for materials
//You must preorder your place at this workshop! This is because we need to know the exact amount of materials to bring!//

Learn how to make rawhide rattles in a sacred way in a group setting!

Rawhide rattles have been used by mostly the original people of what is now called North America for sacred ceremony, to induce trance states for shamanic journeying and to create healing music for millennia.

Rattles are an ancient and potent tool to get in touch with our inner world and reality, to heighten our senses and draw out pertinent information we need from the Universe on any path we may be on.

Used for healing, upliftment, grounding and communion, a rawhide rattle can help us get in touch with our Ancestors and bring us closer our inner selves, to the Earth and each other in a unity based way that is founded in honor and integrity.

This workshop takes place on two different days because of how rawhide rattles, in particular, are made.

All base materials will be provided. With that in mind, it might be best to come to the workshop with an idea already in your head of what you want your rattle to be like. Perhaps research other creators online to see what they are making or go within and ask the Ancestors and/or you spirit animal what would suit you best.

I will be providing all base colors of the rainbow to paint your rattle with but if you are called to get a more special color, like a metallic one, then you would have to provide that yourself. I will be providing the base contents for the rattles but if there is something special you would like to have inside your rattle, please bring this along.

I would actually highly suggest you find something that represents you to put inside the rattle and also be on the look out for things you will want to adorn your rattle with.

Some characterisics to keep in mind when making a rattle:
What shape do you want?
What size do you want? Small, medium or large?
Do you want the rattle to have a low, medium, or high tone?
I will demonstrate how different materials create different sounds. Size and shape also affect the sound.
What colors do you want?

Ahia has been making rattles for more than a year now and uses them in her spiritual practice. You can see examples of her work on Keven’s website https://kevencraftrituals.com/collections/metaphysical/rattles

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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