What's your daily ritual?

I find something as simple as getting ready for work in the morning, provides a great opportunity to center myself before my workday.

I start by using 'Kəvən's facial oil cleanser, our custom myrrh tooth powder & add a dab of our neroli or lavender based libation essential oils on my wrists and neck (These products will be released later this year!)... I light a single sage leaf, do a quick energetic cleanse; and say a thank you to the universe and the great spirit...

I set an intention to keep pointed in the direction of happiness and prosperity, while letting go of the old "junk" that I no longer need.

By the time I'm ready to steam rinse the cleansing oils off my face. I'm all set for the day, by checking in with myself & all my intentions.

It only takes an extra minute each day, but makes a world of difference in the grand scheme of things.

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