Handmade vs. Melt and Pour and our battle with Quality vs. Quanity

I was raised that you can't have both quality and quantity. One must choose between one or the other, or a gradient of the two.

I can hear my dad now, "It can be fast and cheap; or slow and done right. You have to choose one or the other".

That said, I was completely shocked to see so many melt and pour cosmetic bases that are available on the market. Basically, one can purchase a pre-mixed product. As an example, this could be something like an unscented lotion. Then, the said purchaser can mix a fragrance (aka a chemically produced fragrance, or essential oil if they are so inclined), put it in a bottle, slap a label on it... and call it handmade.

I had the option of going this route as well, however it harkens to a box cake mix vs. a handmade cake...

Let's just think about that for a minute...


slow food vs fast food

small local farming vs large industrial food complex

local artisanal craftsmen vs mass production in china


It was obvious to me that I like the lifestyle of earning my food, digging in the dirt, and the pride associated with creating things from scratch. Yes, It means things can go wrong in a handmade recipe, but they can also go, oh so right! 

'Kəvən's decision to use premium raw materials, customize and fabricate original essential oil blends, and doing the majority of the production by ourselves is part of our mission. Just like my art, my food tastes better when I make it with love. Food made without love, feels empty and less nourishing to me. That's the same thing with our handmade products. One can throw cash at a company to do all the design, packaging, mixing & manufacturing for you; but we make as much as we can by hand. It means the materials, the energy, the love, and the results are higher quality.


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