Perfume, Parfum, Eau de toilette, Cologne, and Perfume oil

What's the difference between perfume, parfum, Eau de toilette, and perfume oil with therapeutic grade essential oils?

Perfume has long been a topic of luxury because of the intimate relationship with scents and the overall cost of making a single essential oil.

Synthetic fragrances have become a standard in the industry, and some of them are quite amazing. They have the power to remind the olfactory of scents, that cannot be distilled down to a single essence. As amazing as that sounds, many people find themselves with allergies, or unknown allergic reactions from these chemical combinations. I have seen many asthmatics suffering from these symptoms, not realizing that their asthma attacks are worsened by their synthetic colognes or perfumes.

Legally, a company does not have to disclose their scents, because it is proprietary. That doesn't mean that all of the ingredients are actually safe to put on your skin or inhale.

Parfum / Perfume

Parfum - also called extract or extrait perfume - is the most concentrated or purest form of a fragrance product, and is the longest-lasting on the skin. As such, it is also the most expensive. A true parfum (perfume) will contain 15 percent or more (typically up to 30 percent) of the essential fragrance.

Eau de Parfum

Only slightly less potent than parfum (and just as expensive), an eau de parfum typically contains anywhere from 8 to 15 percent of the essential fragrance.

Eau de Toilette

With about 5 to 8 percent of the perfume essence, this is a light scent designed for shorter wear on the skin.

Eau Fraiche

This is the feminine term used for women's eau de cologne concentrations, containing 3 percent or less of perfume oil.

Eau de Cologne

A masculine scent composed of 2 to 5 percent of the essential scent.


  • (Our perfume oil does last slightly shorter than a conventional alcohol based perfume. However, it's easy to carry around, reapply, and get the second application of metaphysical & health based benefits.)

'Keven has chosen to use organic golden jojoba oil, which is less processed and also the closest resembling that of a human bodies natural oils. We also do not use any filler fragrances, synthetic fragrances, or base stabilizing fillers. We use only use therapeutic grade essential oils and occasionally an absolute, which is required for some extractions. None of our absolutes are extracted with hexane, and all of them still hold their fundamental therapeutic properties. Using these high quality oils means that all the aroma-therapeutic, healing, and mood altering benefits from the base plants remain intact.

Our perfume oil is artfully crafted for both their effective healing properties, as well as the edition of the enhancing single crystal adornment. Our scents are intended to be complicated and unisex, and to mix with your own chemistry. Our natural body chemistry beautifully matches to these perfume oils, giving them and even more unique and complicated blend.

    Yes, essential oils are more expensive, however we believe having the health benefits while still smelling amazing make our Libations worth everyones time.


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