For your safety, our matches are high quality, pre-made, strike anywhere matches.
We only embellish them, and re-package them & bring you a new use to everyday ordinary matches.
We use high quality resins and incense woods, herbs, and essential oils. 
No dyes or pigments are added to the matches.

Strike a match on the box, or any other suitable strike anywhere match surface.
Keep away from face, hair and combustibles.

Allow the match to burn down to the embedded, handmade incense, and blow out the flame.
If you have any intentions or mantras, this is a great time to take a moment and say them.
Allow the match to smoke, and wave it in the nearby vicinity as well as around your aura (about a foot from your skin).
This will gently and discreetly change the nearby smell and metaphysically cleanse the space; similar to a traditional white sage smudge stick.
Our sacred herbs and resins are carefully chosen for their metaphysical properties.

Ideas for where to use these matches:

• Use them in the bathroom as an air freshener.
• Use them outdoors before a meditation in a park.
• Take a moment during a bad day at work to metaphysically reset.
• Use them while teaching your yoga class during a Shavasana meditation.
• Only have five minutes? Give yourself a minute and a moment for a quick energy cleanse and metal reset.

Keep these matches away from children and never leave a burning flame or embers unattended.
Always make sure the match is fully extinguished before disposing of the match.


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