Our solid and liquid libations have been composed to have a complicated scent with the addition of aromatherapy healing.

They can be applied anytime of day, and on areas of your body you would like to smell amazing. It is most common to rub perfume on pulse-points and behind the ears. Some prefer a little bit on the chest, so when the body heats up...the scent re-invigorates. The aromatherapy and healing benefits work when applied in specific areas that need the effects of the aromatherapy or in general areas for the scent based aromatherapy properties.

They can be re-applied when you want to heighten the scent or use the healing properties of the oils... some of our customers say these help them to relax or go to sleep at night. Scent is one of the strongest and most important scents we have and each individual chemistry of a person mixes with the perfume; making it always a unique experience.

How they work has to do with the therapeutic grade essential oils, and metaphysical properties and intentions of the composed perfume. 

We suggest you find your personality scent based on its description and the qualities that each perfume lists. 

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