Paintings and Drawings by NYC artist

Erika Fortner (Eugene, OR) -Keven Craft Rituals product design & Fine Art


"My work investigates allegorical themes integrated with representation of imagery through nature, symbolism, and automatic drawing. Many historical, cultural, and philosophical ideas are embedded in this layering of materials and imagery; ranging from light and comedic to dark and unsettling. It is a recognizable yet abstract approach to Egyptian alchemy of awareness where the work is meant to be contemplated on a personal level. One is meant to consider and transform the dross of the imagery that is un-relatable to the individual. It is not that these works are about nothing, but perhaps they are about everything. One body of my work is purely abstract where the other grouping holds a tendency to representational surrealism. I believe that the intention and physical act of painting co-exist. Each mark which is painted on the canvas sustains a harmony in its own 2 dimensional world. Each entity contains its own gravity in space and thematic rules of color and mark making. Like a true alchemist, I repeat and observe my mark making; responding to the new formulation. The physical materials of my work include charcoal, acrylic, inks, and airbrush on soft linens, canvas, or paper. I layer washes and clear surfaces to delicately echo the referenced imagery"

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