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Jessie Moench (St. Louis, MO / Fort Collins, CO) - Bubble Bead Design

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Jessie started learning bead embroidery in 2010 when she had a flare-up of a chronic digestive illness. She was sickly and stuck indoors - not to mention bored out of her mind. she felt like she was stuck living in a bubble.

One day a dear friend of hers came over to keep her company and brought along her newest project - a bead embroidery pendant. She was hooked the moment she laid eyes on the rows upon rows of perfectly placed beads that joined together to create a mosaic-style masterpiece.

Her friend got her a kit to get started and the rest was history. She'd found a way to be creative, keep herself present, and allow her body time to heal.

In the next few years she would face health issues and other life obstacles that made her head swim. But, somehow bead embroidery always allowed her to refocus on the good in her life.

She trys to incorporate at least on found object or vintage bead into each piece, giving them a new purpose and value. She stands by the durability of her products and hopes that they will be around long after her lifetime. With every piece she creates, she has a memory. Her hope is that the next owner will make s memory of their own.



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