Starstation - Galaxy Shoes

Stephanie Johnson (Eugene, OR) - Startstation

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All of Stephanie’s items are either handmade or hand painted.
Every pair is one of a kind, & intended to be customized to the buyer's desire.

Stephanie is an acrylic painter living in Eugene, Oregon. 
After moving from her home state of California in November 2014 she opened her Etsy shop, “starstation”. She has been painting with acrylics since taking her first art class in grade school. She briefly attended The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, but her inspiration for starting her shop is happenstance. A compliment from a stranger on a bus sparked an idea that came to fruition a year later. A old, beat up pair of painted canvas sneakers inspired a lovingly crafted collection of customized galaxy shoes. 

In addition to painting custom galaxy shoes, she is currently working on a pen-pal style collaboration, expanding her repertoire to new types of canvas, and musing on other ethereal inspirations.


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