Upcycled Dresses and Leather Bags by Revivall Clothing

Laura Lee Laroux (Eugene, OR) - Revivall Clothing

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Laura Lee Laroux has won Best Clothing Designer in Eugene for the past 3 years. After having a store for 5 years, producing Eugene Fashion Week for 7 years, and running a garment manufacturing house last year, the time has come for her to focus solely on her clothing line.

She believes in the constant reuse of everything already produced in an effort to cut down on the detrimental effects of the fashion industry on our planet.  The pieces are one of a kind but use uniform, consistent patterns that fit and flatter most body types. She created a head-to-toe style that has been coined “Modern Prairie”. Everything is re-used from old or scrap fabrics and her dresses are made from mens button down shirts. Ms Laroux believes fashion should be fun and reflective of individual personality without having to sacrifice eco-ethical morals.

Revivall blends her cowgirl roots with her urban farm-girl lifestyle.
Laura Lee believes in Great Spirit and the power of positive thoughts. She hopes that the light and love produced while making these clothes is transferred to the wearer.

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