Elemental, Vegan, Apothecary Herbal Goods

Jovie Belisile - The Rex Apothecary

In 2012, inspired by personal experiences reguarding the power of herbs, Jovie pursued a diploma at The American College of Healthcare Sciences in Holistic Healthcare Practices while prepping for a national board licensing exam in holistic nutrition. 

All the formulations available are original. Herbs have been used traditionally in similar combinations for hundreds of years, so while Jovie does not claim to have invented these uses for herbs, the products available have all been created with the utmost integrity. She designs and prints each product label herself, with the intention of not only reminding us of simpler times but of providing a final seal that the crafter's hand went into each individual item, from start to finish. This transfers the love, energy, and power of the artisan's intention directly to whomever uses it. 

The items that she crafts are from nature. And nature, like humanity, is constantly fluctuating and adapting. If we don't allow for this fluctuation and adaptation {and instead only focus on speed, convenience, and price} then we are shutting out the opportunity for ourselves to fluctuate and adapt with nature. 

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