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Located in Eugene, Oregon since 2002. I have been engaged in various means for supporting humanity to well BEING. Solutions through energy and soul healing, herbal studies and practices, flower essence making and consultation from my own home and gardens. Studying Usui (master since 2007) and Karuna Reiki, Soul Response Therapy, East West Planetary Herbology, Ethno Botany, various Native American and local workshops since 1999. Currently, since 2012, one of the herb team members for Occupy Medical, coordinating ways to get our local and herbal resources and supplies out to the community at need.

 My journey to being a healing support for others started as a need for my own transformations from illness and lack of conscious awareness. Every product we formulate and use is in unified alignment with that healing support in mind for others.

 Since 2007 my partner, Joe Casey, and I have been using our own organic garden to produce flower essences. We now have over 70 individual plant vibrations at our disposal for creating unique Flower Essence Blends and Personal Formulations to assist others with.

 Flower Essences are are made from the vibrational essence of any plants flower. They encourage a gentle, positive, non-invasive refocusing. By re balancing the energy fields within the body, the essences support restoration to order in out-of-balance energy systems. Promoting mental clarity and a recharging of positive emotional energy, essences function in higher vibrational levels and support release of unwanted thought patterns and poor mental and emotional habits that may inhibit the healing process on both the conscious and unconscious levels.  

 We are confident that our work with this modality supports positive and uplifting changes in the energetic field, including the electrical system and the subtle bodies. Bringing new perspectives, and solution options to that which is holding us back.  

Flower essences also work safely and very well for children and pets. 

 Our small line of Herbal products have been created with the idea of supporting the body with all natural and organic ingredients to assist both the easing of discomfort and the larger healing process. We grow many in our own gardens or obtain from known area gardens, wildcraft some and purchase a few of the herbs not available locally to use in our formulas.

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