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Whispers of the Ancients: Celebrating the Goddesses from Africa - Author Talk, Workshop & Deck Signing

Sale price$76.55

  • Thursday, May 9, 2024
  • 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • $55 (Includes deck and workshop)
*Decks will be available for purchase without the workshop to the public after the workshop event for normal business shopping.
About the Workshop: 
 Join us for a transformative journey into the heart of Africa's spiritual heritage with "Whispers of the Ancients: Celebrating the Goddesses from Africa." This captivating talk is not just an event; it's an awakening to the powerful goddesses that have shaped the continent's spiritual landscape, many of whom have been forgotten or remained hidden from the Western gaze.

In a world where the divine feminine has often been overshadowed, we shine a light on the magnificent goddesses of Africa—beings of strength, wisdom, and discernment whose stories and powers are not well known in the West. Through this compelling, educational, and interactive session, we invite you to connect with these divine figures, learn about their origins, and explore their significance in contemporary spiritual practices.

Come join the Black Goddess Within Community and put your hands on the BGW deck!

We will explore the mythologies and wisdom of the Goddesses from Africa who have inspired, protected and guided generations.  From the nurturing waters of Anuket in Egypt to the fierce resolve of Zanahary in Madagascar, each story is a thread in the vibrant mosaic of Africa's spiritual heritage.

Each ticket to this enlightening event includes your very own BGW Oracle Deck, ensuring that the journey continues beyond our time together. Secure your place in this unique gathering and embrace the opportunity to bring the divine wisdom of Africa's goddesses into your life.


Called to the medicine of ancestral restoration, Dr. Giavanni creates healing opportunities  to reconnect with lost histories and ignite hidden ancestral wisdom. Dedicated to amplifying Black Beauty, reconnecting to the deep roots of Black Divinity and encouraging the full expression of Black Joy, Dr Giavanni Washington's latest creative endeavor is the Black Goddess Within Oracle Deck.  Dr G, as she is affectionately known, is an intuitive healer, mother, speaker and spiritual guide who holds a doctorate from UCLA’s department of World Arts and Cultures and was recently selected for the California Creative Corps Artist and Culture Bearer Fellowship by the California Arts Council.