Cedarwood Romani Runes

Cedarwood Romani Runes

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Made from lacquered red cedar, these 10 oval runes measure 1 1/2 x 1 Inch and have plain backs.

Included is a 3x4 inch drawstring bag, either black, purple velveteen or gold, silver, white organdy and a printed sheet of The Gypsy rune names and meanings.


The Golden Dawn Journal Book 1 Divination from the article by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.two The two main variations on the gypsy runes being Sea
Stones/O'Leary Stones and Earth Stones/Kerry Stones. The symbolism
and reading methods are the same (for the Earth Stones, just replace
O'Leary in the charm with Kerry). Sea
Stones are used by Sea people and Earth Stones are used by Earth
people, possibly due to the deity associated with them.
The O'Leary Stones are associated with Lyr and the Kerry Stones are
associated with Ceridwen.

The Charm

Stones O’Leary, Stones O’Leary Tell me truly, tell me clearly. Give to me an answer true. Show me what I am to do. Let my eye see clear and bright, That I may see my future right.


1. Say the Stone O'Leary charm over the runes
2. Place the eye rune at a short distance as this one represents the
3. Cast the runes toward the eye rune
4. Interpret the runes based on closeness to the eye rune and to each

- The querent, the significator
- Women, female energies, a clouded vision
- High ideals, clear vision, bright energies

- Discord, conflicting energies,problems
- Aspects of the reading as an ongoing situation, fluid movement, strong emotional content
- Harvest of our action, for better or worse, endings, culminations, climaxes
- Children, a message, journeys
- Drastic ending, death, severe deep change
- Indicates a bonding, links situations together, can also bind action
- Positive aspects to the reading, male energy

(Handmade Red Cedar Boxes and runes made of locally harvested Western Red cedar, salvaged from the Tongass National Forest and milled by local family owned sawmills on Prince of Wales Island in Southern Southeast Alaska.)