/Con•Secrate - Matches
/Con•Secrate - Matches

/Con•Secrate - Matches

$ 15.00
Our /Con•Secrate matches, are hand embellished, energetic cleansing incense matches with custom handmade boxes

Ritual cycle batch.

Mini moments of grounding and energy cleansing. Great for taking a small moment in your day to create a energetically cleansed space,  where a full smudge stick or incense stick would be obvious or obnoxious to others. 

Also great for guests to use in the bathroom.

Contains all 4 elements after lighting, Fire / Earth / Air / Water

Limited run and handmade. Hand dipped and grounding iron oxidized pine matches (no dyes or pigments added to ensure a safe burn), gouged, and all natural premium handmade incense, and essential oils. *Vegan

Hand and stamped custom match boxes.

Strike a match and allow the flame to burn to the incense. Blow out and enjoy your moment. Create a sacred space and intention to further cleanse and reset. 

Smudge- White Sage + Cypress

Burn- Palo Santo + Lavender

Banish- Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, + Rosewood

Cleanse- (coming soon)

Keep away from children, combustibles, and never leave a flame or embers unattended.