Dark Days Tarot w/ Guidebook
Dark Days Tarot w/ Guidebook
Dark Days Tarot w/ Guidebook

Dark Days Tarot w/ Guidebook

$ 40.00

The Dark Days Tarot deck is inspired by the dark side of the moon; the blackest nights of the lunar cycle.

Darkness is the subconscious, the dream world, the spirit rhelm, the unknown, and fertile ground for self-reflection.

Dark unlit nights offer an opportunity to “see” with senses other than physical sight. Answers, clues, and journeying linger in darkness.

Use this deck when you need deeper understanding and inspiration for forward movement.

Drawing inspiration from lunar archetypes, this deck features a diverse cast of feminine and androgynous characters.

Illustrated by Wren McMurdo, Guidebook written by Emily Mundy

A durable box encloses:

~ 78 Tarot cards 

~ 180-pg flip-able guidebook.

Printed with 100% vegan ink.

Designed for confident handling and shuffling, 78 lightweight and durable* Tarot cards, along with a quick-reference guidebook, are included with every deck. The deck and guidebook fit together inside the Dark Days Tarot box, which is sturdy and smooth. The cards keep their shape well if accidentally bent. 

Beginners: This guidebook is meant to serve as a prompt when stumped for answers. Feel free to supplement this guidebook with additional Tarot literature for a lengthier education in reading cards.

* Cards with all-black backgrounds may show scratches or wear more easily than other cards. Please handle this deck with love.