Ink - Solstice Dark Moon Ritual Ink - Crow's Blood (Limited Edition)

Solstice Dark Moon Ritual Ink - Crow's Blood (Limited Edition)

$ 15.00

60 ml - 2 fl oz or 15 ml 0.5 oz dropper bottle of handmade India ink.

18 available.

This Ritual Ink was made during the Summer Solstice to the October dark moon, intended for ritual use. It is made in small batches with hand ground resins and pigments. Perfect for your grimoire, art, or sacred spell work with a handmade quill or brush.

What makes this special is it is in limited edition, numbered with the amount made in the batch and which moon and cycle it was made with. This particular blend is made over 2 months with protective essential oils and my private collection of superior quality dragon's blood resin as well as a rare black copal.

This ink packs a serious punch and users better have some good work and power to put behind this as you can almost feel the #magic coming out of it.

Resins, brick dust, root pigment, carnelian crystal, essential oils, water, alcohol.

Not for consumption, store in a dark cool place.

Shake well before using with a quill or brush, with intention of the magic you are creating.