Occhi Incense - For the “Evil Eye” - set of 7
Occhi Incense - For the “Evil Eye” - set of 7

Occhi Incense - For the “Evil Eye” - set of 7

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7 incense balls comprised of nature's offerings which work to raise the vibration of a room, clear out negative energy, and refresh: Myrtle, Laurel, Calamus root, Almonds, Olive leaf with a touch of honey.  

Burn one a day on a charcoal tablet: 7 balls correspond to the 7 days of the week and the 7 chakras. Old Italian recipe. 

Each of the ingredients in this incense has properties that target inflammation, whether inflammation of the skin (Calamus root), inflammation of the digestive tract (Laurel), and lungs (Myrtle) inflammation of the eyes (Laurel) inflammation of the skin (almonds) of the heart (Olive), inflammation of wounds (Honey), to be quite brief. They all offer purification, toning, and healing of inflammation. Inflammation, we can say, is a reaction, a response to negative stimuli...the body creating a "symptom" that begs to be listened to internally. What are your emotions saying about your current condition?

Laurel, for example, was used to improve "eyesight" and "second-sight," by the Pythia (female oracles) at Delphi. Among the  Italian healers and witches I met and remain in contact with in Italy, health is considered something to be influenced by the mind - your own mind, it's thoughts and emotions, as well as the minds of other spirits-both helpers like Guides and Goddesses, or negative spirits, or the envious thoughts of other earthly people. This incense recipe's intention is to clear your environment of negativity that's the result of spirits or envy, and it's also supportive of you becoming aware of your own thoughts and emotions, so that you can acknowledge what you want to let go of and empower yourself to do so, and move forward feeling lighter, more clear-minded, and in tune with how your own mind works.

You can simply burn one ball each day and let the herbs purify the "inflammation" of negativity, or you can intentionally be aware, each day of the 7 you will burn an incense ball, of your own process of acknowledging change you'd like to make and how your body, mind, and spirit respond as you intend to do so for the course of 7 days.