Traveling Altar Kit
Traveling Altar Kit
Traveling Altar Kit

Traveling Altar Kit

$ 20.00

Bring your Altar kit with you while you travel with all the necessary items for a cleansed and sacred space. This is both a metaphorical and actual altar kit.

These are also great starter kits for those not knowing how simple and accessible an altar and sacred space can be.

This altar kit contains:

A hand sewn and dyed muslin bag, a stick of palo santo, a pyrite cube, a black quartz wand, a Sacred Ritual tealight candle with a screw on tin top, an Anoint oil in one of our Metaphysical blends (Mystic, Protection), and a links to tour easy to use directions.

1) Get into your quiet space and set the open candle on a non-flammable surface. Light the candle and sit comfortably to begin a small ritual.

2) Place a drop or two of the Anoint Oil on your third eye or a sacred object you want to meditate with. This could be a crystal, a small bowl, a favorite non-porous item or even your heart chakra on your chest. This oil ca also be used in a diffuser as an aromatherapy if you prefer.

3) Place the pyrite cube in your (dominant) hand. For the sake of these instructions we will say the right hand is dominant. Place the black quartz in your other hand which would be the left hand in this case. The right hand represents who we think we are and the left hand represents who we actually are.

4) Pyrite is grounding. It opens your third eye and does not allow outside energy into your etheric field. Meditate and think on how you represent yourself to the world and the energies you want to create for the future month. Think of any feeling and energies that have been negatively effecting you and release these. Imagine these are traveling out of your body, through your palm, and down into the earth. The pyrite is symbolic of a link to the core of the earth, where this energy can be consumed, transformed and recycled into something better suited. Now would be a great time to think about future short term goals for the current moon cycle. This can be life choices, career, finances, earthly and intellectual pursuits.

5) Now meditate on your left hand and the black quartz.This represents our shadow selves and who we truly are and may not show to the world. Black quartz is both programmable and very calming. Here it is safe to reveal what you would like to see transform within your self-perception, your faults and how to bring those into balance. Imagine those thing about you are all safely embedded and duplicated into the crystal. These are personal, quiet things we don't always share. Release those and choose to align to a higher, balanced side of yourself. These are more centered around feelings, moods, heart longings and desires.

6) Light the palo santo to cleanse the space. Do this by setting it on a non-flammable surface or hold it in your hand while the tip smolders Think on your new intentions. It may burn for a bit or go out quickly. Wave it in the directions of the corners of the space and your vicinity. Make sure this goes out before you leave this unattended. 

6) Blow the candle out and allow it to cool before replacing the cap.

7) Rinse the black quartz under water ad wash away and issues that came up or those hard things that set you off balance. Keep the quarts in a calm safe place and allow it to enhance the energy in your space be just being.It will help dispel negative energy in its surroundings.

8) Bring the pyrite with you in your pocket, and use it as a reminder that you have the choice of being calm, balanced and in control of the manifestations you have set. It does not need to be rinsed and can be a great stone to touch, skin-to-stone when you feel anxious, upset, or over-emotional.

 9) Use the muslin bag to keep objects in for the next time it will be used.