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Strawberry Quartz Sterling Silver Teardrop Necklace - 30" (Stainless Steel Chain)

Sale price$90.47

Handmade Sterling Silver authentic Strawberry Quartz Crystal Pendant on a 30" Stainless Steel Chain. This is a bit more of a rare store than the often fake versions. 

Strawberry quartz is a quartz with inclusions of a reddish or pink hue. It carries the same properties of quartz as well as the inclusion of red hematite.

(Hedgemade in PDX)

It will bring a higher vibration to any space and is excellent for meditation and energy work. As with all quartz, it is programmable to enhance something or be assigned a specific task.

It helps balance both the crown chakra and the root chakra. It is excellent for those who feel out of balance, clumsy, or need repair from emerging from a damaged relationship. This stone will be your strength.

It is all about transformations from the inside out so you can become the new you, and leave the old baggage behind.