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The House of Twigs website is a source for witchy media: articles, interviews, reviews, and more. Our writers create unique content for our site, and come from all parts of the path, contributing reflections on herbalism, the history of witchcraft, the divine feminine, rituals for personal empowerment, and astrology. This offers readers a place to engage with educational materials that are both historical and contemporary, informative and critical, and always magickal.As the site gained more traction, we decided to create The House of Twigs School of Ritual, where seekers can take educational courses in divination, tarot, astrology, the history of witchcraft, the lefthand path, practical magic, and so on. Thus The House of Twigs serves two purposes: Readers can engage with interesting articles on an ongoing basis, and for those looking to dive a bit deeper, the School of Ritual provides this service. We work to strengthen our community through the continued dissemination of knowledge, practical advice, and historical insight alike.The House of Twigs is a natural outgrowth of Keven Craft Rituals which serves our audience in a creative and educational capacity. 

The House of twigs: school of ritual EST 2016

est 2014 / closed July 2024

Queen Meb (Brick N' Mortar)

Queen Meb is a (now closed) brick and mortar location in Portland, OR as of September 2018. Originally established in June of 2015, our original location in Eugene, OR was an obvious choice during the preparations of our first child and then moved to Portland.

We have paired with some local stores to carry the rest of our Kevne product line and what is left in store. It includes a variety of handmade apothecary items, intentional and ritual tools for the witchy minded, jewelry, crystals, a hand-selected variety of tarot, and more. We always do our best to source ethically, consider our impact on the eco-system, and how we can be magick practitioners whilst making space for those whom are marginalized, less represented, and LGBTQ / NB friendly.