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thorn Davis ASL tarot rune reading astrology Queen Meb

Tarot, Rune, or Astrological Reading's w/ Thorne (Includes ASL Options)

Thorne Davis (they/them & he/him) - Gemini sun, Leo rising, and Cancer moon

Thorne (they/them & he/him) is a self-taught queer, magicky, & multi-dimensional Deaf woo worker.

They offer Tarot, Oracle, and Rune readings.

They are both bi-cultural and bi-lingual with ASL (American sign language) and English. Their being deaf doesn’t lessen their ability and/or capabilities of offering the healing and magickal services they offer. As many believe, they feel/know that their deafness enhances their intuitive capabilities in a deeper, sensitive manner.

They have been recognized and/or identified as witch, medicine worker, healer, walks-in-betweens among myriads of forms and ways in how they are seen and dwell in relationship with spirit, active community circles, their tribe/chosen family, my pack-fellows, my dears/loves/partners, and the greater realms of Earth Mother, Sea, Fire, and Father Sky.

They walk the Path of the ever spiraling Claddagh as influenced by their Deep Celtic roots. They have danced the paths of tears and joy as influenced by their Indigenous/First Peoples ancestors. Other houses of spirit and magicks have their influx on their path as well. The wolf creek southern Oregon radical faerie land as well as the Naraya have had their threads woven in their journeys over the years in an ever-winding Spiral.


**We do not offer tarot or other various services or classes cancellations within 24 hours with a refund but we will gladly reschedule you if this is not a recurring issue.

Cancellation policy: Up to 50% refunded for cancellations 48 hrs in advance. Cancellations within 47 hrs or less will result in a discount for a future class or reading but no refund.

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Tarot, Rune, or Astrology Reading w/ Thorne (In-Person)
Tarot, Rune, or Astrology Reading w/ Thorne (Online)