Oil Bars

Our oil bars are solid, lotion-like bars, even though they might appear as simple as a bar of soap. Inside, the bars contain powerful healing and moisturizing oils that work better than a standard water-based lotion.

The oil bar can be used at anytime, but works especially well after a bath or shower. On dry skin, the bar can be rubbed directly on the skin, or warmed by rubbing into your hands, which can then be rubbed onto your body.

Our specially formulated New Moon bar is specifically good for helping to prevent and diminish stretch marks on a pregnant belly.
All of our oil bars help prevent and diminish wrinkles, skin problems, eczema, and other problem areas.

Some people don't like the extra moisturizing effects on their hands. We thought of that also. Feel free to wash your hands after using the oil bar. We dare you to. The bar continues to work, but is gentle enough to use as much as you like.

It can be applied to your hands, feet, body as much as you like. It can also be used on your face, but we suggest using it sparingly on your face, as it has a high density and a little goes a long way.

The carefully crafted bars have a body temperature melting point, thus allowing the oil bar to deeply moisturize and repair your skin without being too sticky or too wet.

Because of this, it is also best to keep the bar out of high temperatures, and direct sunlight which could also damage the healing properties in the oils.

Our outdoor bar (available soon), has a higher melting point. This allows the bar to be used on-the-go, whether you are hiking or working at a construction site. Keep out of direct sun, and temperatures above 100 degrees.

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