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Boob Poke - Breast Oil

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One of the important American indigenous and now European plant ingredients, which has been used for breast health, is Poke Root. It is said to speed the recovery from breast tumors, cysts, and swollen lymphatic glands. In this product, Boob Poke, we have combined this powerful poison plant that aligns with Uranus, with other plants such as hops, calendula, and frankincense.

Hops aligns with the feminine and earth elements of Mars and Pluto. It is a Scorpio plant of transformation sacred to many deities including Queen Medb.

Calendula aligns with masculine fire energies of the sun. This plant is known for its skin benefits, but it also known in the magickal world for its ability to protect and influence.

Frankincense is a powerful skin ally and aligns with the sun with masculine energies. It is known for its energetic and direct protective magkical properties, excorcism, and overall vitality.

Together, this combination of organic oils of evening primrose, castor oil, and golden jojoba oil, is a luxurious and effective magickal intentional oil with functional uses in the herbal folklore world as well.

Use as a breast massage oil or a drop or two in a hot bath for hex breaking.

Keep those boobies healthy.



*oenothera biennis oil, ricinus communis seed oil, *simmondsia chinesis seed oil, phytolacca americana, calendula officinalis, humulus lupulus, boswellia carterii.


-We use only therapeutic grade essential oils. **Vegan 


Shake well before each use.

Use one pump of oil on each breast, massaging into breast tissue up to 3 X’s a day. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Poison will remain on the external area of the breast so use caution and do not breast feet or ingest.

This contains folklore herbs said to improve breast health, commonly said to help relieve painful breasts from PMS and/or break-up cysts, or relive clogged lymphatic systems in  or around breast tissue. Folklore herbs are not meant to treat or diagnose a medical condition. Use under doctors advice.

** As a curio product, add a drop to a warm bath for a magickal use of hex breaking and curse removal.

**DO NOT USE WHILE BREAST FEEDING. This is a baneful herb.

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Boob Poke - Breast Oil Sale price$ 25.00