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Braided Vetiver Root - Witching Roots

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Braided vetiver root from Africa. 

Vetiver Root (Vetiveria zizanioides) - Chiendent des Indes, Chiendent Odorant, Chrysopogon zizanioides, Cuscus, Cuscus Grass, Cuseus Grass, Khas, Khas-khas, Khus Khus, Khus-khus Grass, Phalaris zizanioides, Reshira, Sugandhimula, Usheer, Ushira, Vétiver, Vetiveria zizanioides, Vetivergras.

Energy: Masculine

Planet: Venus and Mercury

Element: Earth

Power: Love magic, money, attraction, intense passion and relationship support (esp. queer), glamour magic, calms dreams and protective

Part: Root

*Although we source high-quality herbs and roots, these are not intended for ingestion. Use at your own risk.

DIRECTIONS for Burning

Maybe be used for spell work or burning similar to a sage bundle.

Light the vetiver and set the burning roots onto a non-flammable container (like a traditional abalone shell, stone bowl, metal dish, etc.)

It is suggested to open windows and doors and ensure the smoke is moved in all corners of the room. It is said if a door or window has not been opened, that the spirits being moved out may not have a place to exit. Make sure the root is put out when complete and do not leave unattended while burning. 


Braided Vetiver Root - Witching Roots
Braided Vetiver Root - Witching Roots Sale price$ 3.00