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Brazilianite - Gemmy, and Rare

Sale price$ 53.00

As a heart based healing stone, it is also excellent in protecting the energetic and physical body. It is said to bring balance to all chakras and aid in physical healing and can help expel contaminants from the body. It is said to come with an "Antlantean" vibe, and resonates deeply with some people. It will enhance creativity as well as help set boundaries with those who tend to take more than they give.

It is also excellent for manifesting, cleansing and the empowerment of will by aligning with both the 2nd and 3rd chakras. Say good by to victim roles, or manipulating others with such shadows. 

Brazilianite is an expensive, sought after stone, and these are considered "large pieces" for collectors.(The 5.3 grams is a little over 1/2" in length.)