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Herkimer Diamonds

Sale price$ 22.00

If you never have seen or used on of these they are one of the most amazing quartz crystals out there. Think of them as little energy boosters that can be combined with any crystal to make it feel and experience like a much larger crystal. This makes it not only an accommodating crystal for price point reasons, but also it enhances your entire collection.

One thing to remember is don't walk around with a pouch full of crystals and non-nonchalantly throw a herkimer in. Wowza! These little stones pack such a big punch, it is suggested to only work with it and a single crystal at a time until you become more advanced in your crystal combinations.

Herkimer Diamond Properties: Herkimer's heal the environment, bring clarity, and raise the vibration. They assist in dream work, astral travel, dimensional shifting, healing grids, healing rooms and vortex spaces. They increase the amount of light energy a body uses and enhance everything, including other stones; working with the crown and higher chakras.