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Property Cleansing - 30 minutes

Sale price$ 500.00

Each cleansing ceremony is custom created for each location and needs. I will provide all the materials for an energetic cleansing which may include some follow-up materials or tools depending on the severity. Although this is intended for a commercial property, I will also consider some residences as long as everyone living in the space is comfortable with the cleansing ceremony.

She will call upon ancestors, land spirits, benevolent energies of the space, and historical creatures to move on. She will use burnable herbs, crystals, reiki (reiki master level) and psychic interpretations on the best approach. 


Multiple visit infestations are rare, but can be discussed in a package deal for multiple visits. 


Erika, the owner of Keven, has been reading Tarot for 28+ years. She has spent a lifetime on her spiritual path studying shamanism, ritual, energy work, reiki, and magic. She worked for the psychic friends network briefly and specializes in helping one find their current blockages. Her passion lies in a holistic approach paired with personal intention so others can find their balance.

She is kind and considerate of delicate or personal information, which is always kept confidential and comes highly recommended.


Property Cleansing - 30 minutes
Property Cleansing - 30 minutes Sale price$ 500.00