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Hege Tin Candles

Sale price$ 20.00

Welcome to a cozy forest abode, where the aroma of flickering candles and the rustling of leaves fills the air. For a perfect atmosphere to accompany your indulgent self-care routine or a night of losing oneself in a captivating book, I present these handcrafted candles that are inspired by treasured memories of Hedgemade Goods.

*The Bean Hollow, a true gem on the west coast of California, holds a special place in my heart. The scent of Driftwood and Amber evokes the memory of a peaceful day spent basking in its beauty. This 6 oz natural soy candle in a copper tin with lid is a must-have for any nature lover.

*But wait, there's more! If you're looking for a candle that brings the revelry and merriment of a Renaissance Faire right to your home, then the Revelry is the one for you. With its warm, sweet aroma of plums and other delightful scents, this 6 oz Champaign gold tin with lid candle will transport you to a world of fruity mead and sweet treats.

 Come, light these candles and let the warm glow and enchanting scents guide you to a world of serenity and joy.

Hege Tin Candles
Hege Tin Candles Sale price$ 20.00