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Honey Pot Candle

Sale price$ 14.00

This beautiful 4 oz 100% sustainably harvested hand Poured beeswax candle is double filtered beeswax into up-cycled sterilized yogurt jars with bamboo lids. Beeswax candles emit negative ions that draw toxins out of the air, they're hypo-allergenic and have a cozy honey scent with slight traces of essential oils to bring in all the good intentions.

 Season 2: Light Scents of Clove, cinnamon, frankincense, rosemary, bayberry


Please note that handmade natural poured beeswax does separate from the glass. This does not affect the quality or the burn of the candle. Some of the honeypot candles do look as though honey is spilling down the sides inside!

Honey Pot Candle
Honey Pot Candle Sale price$ 14.00