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Jezebel Root aka Queen Root (Iris hexagona, Iris fulva, or Iris foliosa) - Witching Herbs

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Jezebel Root (Iris hexagona, Iris fulva, or Iris foliosa)- This is the authentic and true Jezebel Root is seasonal and is known as Louisiana Iris (Iris fulva, Iris hexagona, Iris brevicaulis, Iris giganticaerulea, and Iris nelsonii, iris versicolor). Notice these are roots of an iris flower, not the bark of a tree!

Energy: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Fire

Power: Money, Cursing, Hexing, Lust, Domination, Ultimate Feminine Prowess

Part: Root

These are 1 oz re-sealable rice paper pouches  unless otherwise noted, with herbs and roots intended for magickal purposes. Available for hoodoo, voodoo, hedgewitches, and other magickal practitioners.

Packages are heat-sealed pouches to ensure freshness.

*Although we source high-quality herbs and roots, these are not intended for ingestion. Use at your own risk.