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Libyan Gold Tektite / Desert Glass - (Very Rare) Authentic

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Libyan Desert Glass also known as Libyan Gold tektite is a unique and nearly pure silica tektite believed to have been created from a meteorite impact 26 million years ago, however it is debated if it is actually from a meteorite or if there was another way the glass was naturally formed. What they do know is that they are from the most inhospitable place of the Great Erg (Sand Sea) of the Egyptian Libyan boarder.

They are a Solar Plexus chakra stone which is both highly protective strengthen the will of someone. It can bring happiness to an individual, introduce a brighter side to life but it is not a soft stone. It has a deep but slow burning fire type of vibe about it.

They are said to enhance healing and manifestation through the use of this crystal because of its high Solar Ray vibration. Definitely meditate with this stone! Any Tektite brings really Interesting energy, and may be a great stone for those who don’t quite vibe with something like moldavite.

Either way, whatever created this stone was a powerful event and that vibration is carried throughout its energy.