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Pillar Candles - Scented Vegan Soy

Sale price$ 20.00

These candles are hand poured with a custom blended scent. We use clean burning, vegan and kosher soy wax with therapeutic grade essential oils and a cotton, lead free wick.

These 12 oz candles have approximately 36 hours of burn time and come in a 3" x 3" Circle form or a 3" x 3" Square.

The scents are meant to create a warm, sacred space and help energetically cleanse by creating negative ions with soothing scents that warm your spirit and calm the soul. They have and intention for metaphysical use as well at traditional candle use.

We also carry travel candles and tealight variations of all of our handmade candles.

Sacred - sweet, herbal, mojave

Protection - citrus, sweet, moss

Mystic - dry, tribal spice

**Remove any packaging or decoration before burning

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

Pillar Candles - Scented Vegan Soy - Keven Craft Rituals
Pillar Candles - Scented Vegan Soy Sale price$ 20.00