Tea - Emo (loose)

Tea - Emo (loose)

$ 2.00

A floral, sacred herbal tea blend for those feeling a little overwhelmed and emotional, by 'Keven. The blended flowers and herbs promote the bladder, promotes the opening of the heart chakra, fights inflammation, and is gentle on the digestive system. It helps promote a calm demeanor while giving a dose of vitamin C and kicking up the immune system under all that stress.

Ingredients: *Hibiscus Flowers, *Marshmallow Herb, Jasmine Flowers, Wildcrafted Hyssop Herb, *Lemon Balm, Corn Flowers.

Directions: Add 1 teaspoon of tea to a tea bag or strainer and let steep in hot water for no less than 3 minutes.

-caffeine free, not recommended for pregnant women

*organic / kosher