Travel Candle - Protection (Vegan Soy and Kosher)

Travel Candle - Protection (Vegan Soy and Kosher)

$ 14.00
Our vegan soy and kosher travel candles are scented with therapeutic grade essential oils. These are clean burning candles made to enhance your living space through positive and sacred intent.

These candles are hand poured in a heat safe container with a custom blended scent. We use clean burning, vegan and kosher soy wax with therapeutic grade essential oils and cotton fiber/ lead free wicks.

They come in a 4 oz tin with a top that can be closed once the flame is out and the candle has begun to cool.

These travel candles have approximately 24 hours of burn time.

The scents are meant to create a warm, sacred space on-the go and help energetically cleanse by creating negative ions with soothing scents.

Protection Scent - citrus, sweet, moss

For those who believe in metaphysical properties, the following etheric energies are associated with these ingredients from the earth : Protection, third eye, cleansing, grounding, clearing, smudging, angelic protection, high frequency