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Witch Life : A Practical Guide to making Every Day Magical

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No Matter What Magical Path You Walk, This Book Will Inspire and Renew Your Practice

In today's world, it can be hard to find time for magic—but this practical guide helps keep you inspired and connected to your spirituality. Designed so that you can easily choose a spell, meditation, or ritual to suit your needs, Witch Life is the perfect tool for making your practice thrive, even in the busiest times.

Emma Kathryn presents spells and workings for nearly every purpose, from protection rituals and kitchen witchery to candle magic and spirit work. She encourages you to explore healing and hexing magic, moon and plant magic, and magical crafts. You'll also enjoy exciting ways to celebrate the sabbats, harness the elements, and more. From worshipping deities to creating charms, this book offers something for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

About the Author

Emma Kathryn (Nottinghamshire, UK) is a staff writer at Witch Way Magazine, The House of Twigs blog, Stone, Root, and Bone blog, the Spiral Nature blog, and Gods & Radicals. She has spoken at a number of UK Pagan events, including Magickal Women Conference in London, and she has been interviewed on The Witch Daily Show podcast.