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Copal Negro (Peru) Resin

Sale price$ 4.00

These are 2 oz re-sealable rice paper pouches with pure incense resins and or herbs.

These are intended to be burned “neat” on a charcoal disc, used in spellwork, or ground up for your modern potions.

Do not ingest.


Copal Negro (Peru) Resin -

Energy: Masculine Planet: Sun  Element: Fire Power: Protection, Exorcism, used for Dia de Los Muertos, Ancestral Work. Sacred in South America. Part: Resin

It has a spicy, thick scent which has more line a conifer resin than a common white cools. It is one of the most sought our Copland for its scent and ritual use, because it is used for purification in Native ceremonies and also helps to bring in the vibration of love.

Copal Negro (Peru) Resin - Keven Craft Rituals
Copal Negro (Peru) Resin Sale price$ 4.00